РУССКИЕ ПИСАТЕЛИ-ФАНТАСТЫ ДЕТЯМ: Дмитрий Суслин и его электронные книги. Детская литература.  
  РУССКИЕ ПИСАТЕЛИ-ФАНТАСТЫ ДЕТЯМ - Дмитрий Суслин и его электронные КНИГИ.Детская литература.      
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The responses of the readers
from the letters of the readers.

Anya Malyshewa, 13 years,. Moscow.
As soon as I had read them, they at once became for me the best books in the world. The mum told me that I simply was mad about them …

Sacha Kirilov, 11 years, country Lipovka, Vladimir province.
I liked the books by Dmitriy Suslin very much. When you start to read these stories in any way it is impossible to come off reading. All of them are wanted to be read and read and read!

Sacha Alexeev. 14 years, Cheboksary
I have read your magnificent books. These stories are simple and Super! And they are liked not only by me alone.! I know, that they are read almost by everyone in our house, and in all Chuvashiya …

Katya Suslina, 7 years.
Among all the books most of all I like "Katerino the Knight". It is the best book in the world. And I say so not only because it was written by my daddy, but for the fact that it was the first book which I have read myself from the beginning up to the end.

Anya Richards, 6 years, New York, USA.
My most favorite hero is Drul. He very good and kind …

Alexander Grashin, artist, Moscow.
Your book has pleased me with good imagination and fantastic which is almost impossible at the present postsoviet plezent and also by its kindness. If there is someone to write with such a believe in a small reader then not everything is bad on the boundless open spaces.

From the reviews.

The newspaper "of «Sheet" (present name: "«life") №9 1998.
Sharp and fascinating plot, not persuasive and ironic manner of a narration, expressive, colorful and original language…

Olga Wolskaya, newspaper "«Capital" №2 1999.
Dmitriy Suslin has invented some kind of a new genre of the children's literature. His fairy tales represent a certain "cultural" mix of traditional children's literary motives. These are «the Wizard of Emerald city » and « the Knights of the King Arthur» and «Don Kihot» both Andersen and Lindgren, and certainly Tolkien.That is not smb repetition : the author invents for the books rather original plots. His(its) heroes fight with dark forces and rescue each other only in his own manner. Another matter of fact that the scenery, on which background the actions take place at once cause in memory the surround of classical fairy tales.

Igor Sherny, doctor of philological sciences, professor. (In the book Andrey Belyanin «the Flying ship», 2000)
On our sight the books Dmitriy Suslin differ by sufficient good quality. It is not the third trade fake, … and serious application for his place in the world of the children's writers where it is not simple to enter…

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